What Is Netflix Tagger Job?

Are you a TV addict with a keen eye for detail and an uncanny ability to categorize different genres? If so, you might just be the perfect fit for a Netflix Tagger job! But what exactly does this role entail? Well, as a Netflix Tagger, your main responsibility is to watch and categorize the vast library of shows and movies on the platform. By meticulously identifying key themes, genres, and plotlines, you’ll help create personalized recommendations for millions of users worldwide. It’s essentially like being a professional binge-watcher, but with a purpose! So if you’re ready to turn your love for TV into a dream job, let’s dive into the world of being a Netflix Tagger.

What Is Netflix Tagger Job?

What is a Netflix Tagger Job?

A Netflix Tagger is someone who plays a crucial role in the behind-the-scenes process of categorizing and organizing the vast library of content available on the popular streaming platform. They are responsible for watching and meticulously analyzing each movie or TV show, and then assigning relevant tags and metadata to ensure that users can easily locate and discover content that aligns with their interests.

Job Overview

As a Netflix Tagger, you will have the exciting task of watching movies and TV shows on Netflix and essentially becoming an expert on each title. Your main objective will be to accurately evaluate and assign appropriate tags to describe the various elements and themes present in the content. These tags can range from broad categories like genre and subgenre, to more specific descriptors such as mood, style, or time period. By doing so, you will contribute to the overall user experience by enhancing content recommendations and search results.


The primary responsibility of a Netflix Tagger is to watch and analyze movies and TV shows, paying close attention to details and identifying key elements or themes that define the content. This requires a keen eye for observation, an ability to recognize and categorize various genre conventions, and a comprehensive understanding of storytelling techniques. Additionally, you will need to effectively communicate your evaluations and tag assignments to Netflix’s content organization team, ensuring that your assessments accurately reflect the content.

What Is Netflix Tagger Job?


While there are no specific educational requirements for becoming a Netflix Tagger, a deep passion for film and television is vital. Having a background in film studies, media, or a related field can be beneficial, as it provides a strong foundation in analyzing and understanding visual storytelling. Additionally, excellent communication and attention to detail are critical skills for this role, as you will need to effectively articulate your evaluations and assign appropriate tags to each piece of content.


To excel as a Netflix Tagger, you should possess a diverse skill set. Firstly, having a comprehensive knowledge of different film and television genres, subgenres, and styles is essential. This will enable you to accurately assign tags that align with the content’s core themes and elements. Additionally, your ability to critically analyze visual storytelling techniques, narrative structure, and character development will be invaluable in assessing content and assigning relevant tags. Finally, strong communication skills are vital, as you will need to effectively convey your evaluations and tag assignments to the content organization team.


Netflix provides comprehensive training for new Taggers to ensure they have the necessary skills and expertise to excel in their role. During training, you will learn about the different criteria used to evaluate content, the importance of accurate tagging, and the overall impact it has on enhancing the user experience. You will also receive guidance on how to effectively communicate your evaluations and tag assignments. The training program aims to equip Taggers with the knowledge and tools needed to become proficient in their role and contribute to the success of the content catalog.


The salary for a Netflix Tagger can vary depending on factors such as location and experience. As a starting point, the average annual salary for this position is around $50,000. However, with increased experience and expertise, some Taggers have reported earning up to $70,000 or more per year. Additionally, Netflix often provides benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and employee discounts, making the overall compensation package quite attractive.

Pros and Cons

Like any job, being a Netflix Tagger has its pros and cons. On the positive side, you have the opportunity to watch and analyze a wide range of movies and TV shows, which can be a dream come true for film and television enthusiasts. It allows you to stay up to date with the latest content and even discover hidden gems that you might have otherwise missed. Additionally, being part of the tagging process means you are contributing directly to improving the user experience on Netflix and helping users find content they will love.

However, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. The job can be quite repetitive, as you will be watching and analyzing content for extended periods. This may diminish the novelty of watching for pure enjoyment and turn it into a more analytical endeavor. Additionally, since you will be working remotely, the role may feel isolating without the camaraderie and social interaction of a traditional office environment.

Future Opportunities

Working as a Netflix Tagger can open doors to various future opportunities within the entertainment industry. By gaining an in-depth understanding of content and consumer preferences, you will develop valuable insights into what makes a film or TV show successful. This knowledge can potentially lead to roles in content development, production, or even programming. Additionally, the experience and expertise gained as a Netflix Tagger can pave the way for careers in film criticism, journalism, or even teaching.


Becoming a Netflix Tagger offers a unique and exciting opportunity to combine your love for film and television with a rewarding and challenging job. By meticulously analyzing and tagging movies and TV shows, you will play a vital role in enhancing the user experience and contributing to the success of Netflix. While the role may have its repetitive aspects and lack the social environment of a traditional office, the potential for growth and future opportunities in the entertainment industry make it an enticing career choice. So, if you have a passion for movies and TV shows and a keen eye for detail, a Netflix Tagger job could be the perfect fit for you.






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